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Body-Strategist-D-Age-Cream-200ml Body Strategist D-Age Cream 200ml Artikelnr: 11896

Rijke, verstevigende en voedende crème, welke wordt aanbevolen bij verlies aan stevigheid en compactheid. Tonifieert de huid en laat die er jonger uitzien, dankzij de gerichte...
Per stuk € 71,50 € 64,35
Gel-(-speciaal-voor-de-benen) Gel ( speciaal voor de benen) Artikelnr: 10934

BODY STRATEGIST GEL revitalizing leg gel recommended for heavy and tired legs WITH hesperidin and aescin are well known for their relieving action in presence of tired and heavy legs. Menthol o...
Per stuk € 64,25 € 57,83
Oil-100ml Oil 100ml Artikelnr: 10646

BODY STRATEGIST OIL toning body oil oil of natural origin with an intensive and localized toning action WITH the biologic tamanu oil is a precious oil from Polynesia with antioxidant properties...
Per stuk € 55,25 € 49,73
Patch Patch Artikelnr: 10943

BODY STRATEGIST PATCH remodelling multiactive patch remodelling multiactive patch WITH The remodelling action is guaranteed thanks to 0,5% of pure caffeine, carnitine, aescin and ginko and fucu...
Per stuk € 52,75 € 47,48
Scrub-200ml Scrub 200ml Artikelnr: 10802

BODY STRATEGIST SCRUB renewing body scrub restores in depth, for a soft and silky skin WITH the mixture of alpha hydroxy acids and fruit extracts, grants a chemical exfoliation, while the silic...
Per stuk € 39,75 € 35,78